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  • The entry form for the national exhibition is available on the congress page.

  • Would all Secretaries and members of all societies please note that Paisley Philatelic Society will now hold their meeting in the afternoon instead of the evening. Meetings will take place at the usual location between 2pm and 4pm.

  • There will be a Public Philatelic Exhibition at the Goethe-Institut 3 Park Circus, Glasgow between 24th September and 31st October with Free Admission.
    The Goethe-Institut Glasgow in cooperation with the Caledonian Philatelic Society of Glasgow and the Alliance Française de Glasgow will exhibit.

    "World War I in personal stories and documents - Philatelic witnesses of the Great War"

    and will show material from that war including postcards, stamps and other items which illustrate some of the personal stories of those caught up in conflict from a Scottish, German, French and even wider perspective.

What's On this Month - November

Nov 3rd Borders P.S. Club Auction 7:30pm
Nov 3rd Glasgow Thematic Society WW1 by Gary Cheyne 7:30pm
Nov 4th Scottish P.S. Ceylon Aerograms by E Mason 7:00pm
followed by Visit by Dundee & District P.S. 7:30pm
Nov 5th Largs & District Stamp Club Indian Postal History by Rod Trott 7:30pm
Nov 6th Caledonian P.S. Bourse - sponsored by John Gavin 7:30pm
Nov 6th Perth P.S. Visit by Aberdeen P.S. 7:30pm
Nov 7th Lanarkshire P.S. Time by Margaret Morris 7:30pm
Nov 11th Dumfries Stamp & Postcard Club Along the Lines of.... By Adrian Keppel 7:30pm
Nov 11th Edinburgh P.S. Aruba by Colin Campbell 7:30pm
Nov 11th Glasgow P.S. Members New Acquisitions 1:30pm
Nov 12th Bearsden & District P.S. Papua & New Guinea by Jean Osborne 7:30pm
Nov 12th Paisley P.S. Members Night 10 members x 12 sheets 2pm
Nov 13th Aberdeen P.S. Commerce in the Post Part 2 by Ron Goodfellow 7:30pm
Nov 13th Caledonian P.S. WW1 - From both sides of the conflict by Andrew Brooks 7:30pm
Nov 13th Dundee & District P.S. Members Evening The Great War 1914-1918 7:30pm
Nov 13th Falkirk & District P.S. Belgian Congo by Derek Wiltshire 7:30pm
Nov 14th Ayrshire P.S. Auction 7:30pm
Nov 14th Kirkcudbright P.S. Three Founder Members 7:30pm
Nov 14th Lanarkshire P.S. Poles Apart by Dr Brian Dow 7:30pm
Nov 14th Lothian Postcard Club AGM & Bring & Buy 7:30pm
Nov 17th Borders P.S. Visit by Hawick Stamp & Postcard Society 7:30pm
Nov 18th Arbroath & District Stamp & Postcard Club Visit by Postcard Club of Tayside 7:30pm
Nov 18th Scottish P.S. Christmas Stamps by J Law 7:00pm
followed by Aerospace by R Catto 7:30pm
Nov 19th Largs & District Stamp Club Letters Night M or W 7:30pm
Nov 20th Caledonian P.S. Visit from Falkirk PS 7:30pm
Nov 20th Perth P.S. In Remembrance by Norman Watson 7:30pm
Nov 21st Bearsden & District P.S. Joint Meeting with Kirkintilloch P.S. 7:30pm
Nov 25th Dumfries Stamp & Postcard Club A Club Quartet 7:30pm
Nov 25th Edinburgh P.S. Miscellanea by Denis Westfield 7:30pm
Nov 25th Glasgow P.S. Visit to Gordon Carroll's Shop meet at shop 4:30pm 1:30pm
Nov 26th Bearsden & District P.S. Philatelic History by Stewart Gardiner 7:30pm
Nov 26th Paisley P.S. Aspects of Germany by Alex MacIntosh 2:00pm
Nov 26th Postcard Club of Tayside E Night 7:30pm
Nov 27th Aberdeen P.S. Visit by Arbroath & District Stamp & Postcard Club 7:30pm
Nov 27th Caledonian P.S. Spain - Ian Evans 7:30pm
Nov 27th Dundee & District P.S. Africa & Adjoining Oceans by James Podger 7:30pm
Nov 27th Falkirk & District P.S. Norway by Brian Dow 7:30pm
Nov 28th Ayrshire P.S. The Mashians have Landed by Colin Breddy 7:30pm
Nov 28th Lanarkshire P.S. Bourse 7:30pm


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